How to Finish the Wealth Building Game (And Avoid Falling Backwards)

Episode #319 – Brace yourself for the thrilling leap into the ender phase – where the magic happens! This is where you’ll prioritize financial freedom, slash risks, and craft a successful life dances to your rhythm.

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  1. Good episode. Pete Fortunate and John Schaub are also great teachers. I prefer the term Spender instead of Ender. It is when we get to enjoy the fruits of our labors, but our journey is not yet near the end. Achieving financial independence is more like a commencement as we are enabled to embark on a new journey with our newfound time.

  2. Thanks for the comment, Mike. I also like the term Spender better! I’ve also been using Harvester because the journey isn’t over, as you said. And Pete and John are two of my favorites.

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