Free Real Estate Investing Toolkit

The Free Real Estate Investing Toolkit
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You’ll get my free Real Estate Investing Toolkit, which includes:

  1. Quickly gain clarity and confidence as a beginner real estate investor with my infographic/flow-chart “Real Estate Investing for Beginners – How to Find Your Focus.”
  2. Craft your own financial independence plan by reading a Case Study (Financial Independence with Real Estate Investing) that follows a 30-something couple during their 15-year journey to financial independence using real estate.
  3. Get a cheat-sheet to evaluate the numbers & gather critical property information with my Real Estate Deal Worksheet, a tool I use on every deal to ensure I make money and avoid the biggest mistakes.
  4. Avoid critical mistakes that could cost you thousands of dollars and years of headaches with my Property Closing Checklist. It’s what I use on every purchase to help me remember the many steps before closing.
  5. Reach your financial goals faster by tracking your progress with my Personal Financial Worksheets (Excel Spreadsheets).  These include a sample Income/Expense statement, Balance Sheet, and Real Estate Holdings sheet.

Plus, my weekly newsletter will show you how to …

  • Retire early using passive income from real estate
  • Find good deals (even in hot markets)
  • Raise financing and down payments
  • Analyze the numbers
  • Build systems to more easily manage your properties
  • Balance work, investments, and life so that you can travel, start hobbies, be with family, contribute to causes. and do what really matters.

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