How to Free Up Time on Rental Properties With Automation & Outsourcing

Episode #308 – Unlock more time and profit in your rental property ventures by making strategic hires, understanding the vital role of an asset manager, and harnessing the power of an integrator to take your real estate game to the next level.

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  1. Justin’s website & hard money lending: homesoldfast.com/hardmoney
  2. Justin’s prior episode – https://www.coachcarson.com/quit-job-invest-real-estate/
  3. Coach’s Community – Rental Property Mastery waiting list: https://coach-carson-llc.ck.page/3155026a5f
  4. Asana – project management/systemization software – https://asana.com/
  5. Buildium – property management software Justin uses – https://coachcarson.com/buildium
  6. Recommended books on business systems/operations:
  7. The Emyth – https://amzn.to/47Qf0b3
  8. Traction – https://amzn.to/45CE5ob
  9. Clockwork – https://amzn.to/489lBgXFinding virtual team members:
  10. Upwork.com
  11. Onlinejobs.ph (in Philippines)

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