From Ordinary to Extraordinary: Transforming an 8-unit Building into a Cashflowing Powerhouse

Episode #299 – Dive deep into Joe’s $1.75 million 8-unit apartment purchase! After months of sweat equity, he and his wife transformed it into a gorgeous Airbnb powerhouse, making 2-3 times more money than the previous owner.

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8-Unit Airbnb Photos:





Joe’s Initial 3 Offers:


Previous Owner’s Rent $100,000/yr
New Expected Rent $200,000-$300,000/yr

Commercial Loan Financing

Purchase Price $1,750,000
Down Payment 35%
Loan term 25 years
Interest 6%
Total Monthly Payment $7,328.93

Renovation Budget

Rehab $170,000
Furnishing $60,000
Total $230,000


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