The FIRE Planner – Step-by-Step Guidance to Reach Your Financial Potential

Episode #166 – FIRE (aka Financial Independence) means taking control of your money earlier in life so you have more control over your time. In this episode, Chad interviews Michael Quan about his book The FIRE Planner. You’ll learn step-by-step guidance about achieving your financial potential and other practical tips from Michael and Chad from their own journeys to financial independence in their 30s.

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  1. Thank you for your podcasts. As a single parent, I’m late to the game of retirement at age 48 so I have been learning a lot from you. I’m hoping to jump into this real estate arena and build financial independence for my family.

    1. Hi LaTasha! Thanks for listening and for commenting with your story. I admire that you’re here, learning, and ready to jump into the arena. There are a lot of people who never will, so it’s never too late! I look forward to staying in touch and hearing about your next steps.

  2. Hi Chad. An idea I would like to see more of (if you haven’t covered it already) is a deep dive on health care options with FIRE. How to maintain good health insurance with kids and/or existing health issues. Thanks, Dave

    1. Great idea, Dave. It’s certainly a big topic. I’m not sure I’m the expert there, but I am certainly interested in the topic and can at least bring the conversation to the public table. I appreciate the feedback and will add it to my future topics.

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